How to Give your Woman a Screaming Orgasm

Finding out what a woman requires in bed is not a difficult as you may think. This book will help you understand everything from her basic needs to how make her experience the ultimate orgasms.

Some general info about physical attraction-

The physical attraction between men and women is just as strong as ever. It's not knowing how to satisfy one another that is the current problem in people's bedrooms today. Intercourse is no longer just a man's tool for sexual pleasure. With the upsurge of women's liberation, women now feel that they too have the right to be satisfied in bed. Now that men must consider pleasing someone other than themselves, a number of men are finding that they have trouble satisfying the opposite sex. It isn't entirely the fault of the male, as many women demand pleasure without completely understanding what they find self-gratifying in the first place. Without this understanding, it is impossible to communicate your needs and desires to your sexual partner. Given this dilemma, a man should not be afraid to take control of the sexual reins, so long as he knows what he is doing.